Wir wünschen euch ein gesundes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2013!

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Die SPD hat die Veränderungen im neuen Jahr zusammengestellt, damit ihr auch auf dem Laufenden bleibt.



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I know I am a pain in the ass and can rant at anything but "what the MOTHER has to fiurge out..." just the mom huh? And please don't kiss the kid if he don't like it!!But it was good, I am so passionate that the environment makes a big impact on the child, one of the reasons why I s badly want out of this house. But really, you don't need that woman to do it. I could do it myself, lol!!Thanks for sharing x

Autor: Amanda, Datum: 05.02.2013, 13:19 Uhr


Laura were you using sarcasm there?! I can't tell, lol. I don't think you have datnoe money or have ugly stuff, you just don't need some woman who puts 15 billion pillows on a bed, coz they all heve different textures, or paints a wall a calming colour, lol. Really you could do that yourself, but then I am seeing it from just my perspective, perhaps some people can't do that!You have homework over at mine, you big slacker :0)

Autor: Laura, Datum: 03.02.2013, 04:23 Uhr


Our laptop died when I was chickeng this site last time I was here. And for the last two weeks I are actually searching for this specific weblog, so pleased I came across it for a second time!

Autor: Niki, Datum: 02.02.2013, 07:19 Uhr


Ein toller Blog und eine sehr smasytipche Verfasserin. Lese schon le4nger mit, aber mehr die stillere Leserin. Heute bin ich dann endlich eine offizielle Leserin geworden.

Autor: Jag, Datum: 01.02.2013, 16:06 Uhr