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Das geltende Wahlrecht für im Ausland lebende Deutsche für verfassungswidrig erklärt. Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hatte vor allem Probleme damit, dass Auslandsdeutsche drei Monate lang ununterbrochen im Bundesgebiet gewohnt haben müssen, um wählen zu dürfen.



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The determined ppgraoanda of the Labour Party helped by other ..progressive forces had its effect in taking the profit out of war. It calls ..for hard work energy and sound sense We must prevent another war and that means we must have such an international organisation as will ..give all nations real security against future aggression. But there are ..certain so-called freedoms that Labour will not tolerate freedom to exploit other people freedom to ..pay poor wages and to push up prices for selfish profit freedom to deprive the people of the means ..of living full happy healthy lives The nation needs a tremendous overhaul a great programme of modernisation and re-equipment of its ..homes its factories and machinery its schools its social services All parties say so the Labour Party means it.

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